About us

Mission Statement: Transforming lives through God’s Word.

Vision: For every person to encounter Jesus Christ and be formed through God’s Word.

Core Values: As a part of the body of Christ:

  1. We honour God and value His word.
  2. We think globally and act locally.
  3. We value partnership.
  4. We esteem people.
  5. We foster a culture of excellence.

Calling: Spiritual Encounter and Spiritual Formation.

Doctrinal Belief:

Core Strategies:

  1. Translation: Translating the Bible into languages spoken by 1 million – plus speakers.
  2. Publishing: Producing translation and biblical resources to meet the needs of people interested in the Christian faith from different cultures, conditions and beliefs.
  3. Bible Engagement: Partnering with churches and ministries, providing programs and resources to engage people more deeply in Scripture for life application and transformation




International Bible Society, Nigeria is a member of the non-profit global organisation Biblica currently operating in fifty five (55) countries. Biblica is the translation sponsor and global publisher of the New International Version (NIV) Bible.

International Bible Society of Nigeria started as the Living Bible in 1977 and changed to International Bible Society in 1993 after the merger of Living Bible and International Bible Society.

IBS, Nigeria currently operates from two locations namely Lagos and Enugu.

IBS, Nigeria is currently on five translation projects namely Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Efik and Ibibio. The Yoruba and Igbo Bible translations are moving towards completion and should be available anytime now.

Our publishing and Distribution Department is in Lagos. Our products are mainly New International Version (NIV) English Bibles. Please see our range of products below:

CODE                                                           DESCRIPTION

NIV 0128                               NIV COMPACT BIBLE (HARD COVER)

NIV 0128B                             NIV COMPACT BIBLE (VINYL COVER)

NIV 0128RTI                          NIV COMPACT BIBLE (Red letter, thumb index, PU cover)

NIV 042                                 NIV CONPACT BIBLE (customized,thumb index, Pearl vinyl cover)

NIV 0158                               NIV STANDARD BIBLE (Hard cover)

NIV 0158B                             NIV STANDARD BIBLE (Vinyl cover)

NIV 0158RTI                          NIV STANDARD BIBLE (red letter, thumb index, PU cover)

NIV 052                                 NIV STANDARD BIBLE(customized,thumb index,Pearl vinyl cover)

For further information/enquiries please contact:

Peter Uleh (08023045489)

Ibukun Adeniyi (08028376037)

Olatunji Coker (08060514121)

Our Bible Engagement programs are mainly: Reach4Life, an HIV/AIDS prevention program; Equipping the Leaders – a program aimed at improving preaching, teaching, Bible communications skill of church leaders with little theological background; and Community Bible Experience – a program that seeks to foster understanding, break barriers and enhance spiritual encounter/formation through a forty-day joint reading of the New Testament by members of a church community.

For further details please contact Olukemi Akinlabi (07031398108)