Africa Organizes a Luncheon for Keith Danby

What a wonderful luncheon organized by Africa Office at the Nairobi Offices, Kenya. Keith giving his story of how he was approached to join International Bible Society when he was still the CEO of Send The Light. It was a tough decision for him but he heeard God’s voice in the call especially when the time came to merge STL with IBS.

Luncheon Party

Biblica Africa throws a luncheon party for the outgone Biblica CEO, Keith Danby, together with the current CEO Doug in Nairobi, Kenya Offices.

Children For Christ, Zimbabwe

“The Vacation Bible School (VBS) was attended by 99 children and the children’s books provided by IBS were a well-laid out programme. It went well and the children understood the teachings…they developed intellectually, socially and morally as a result of it. They also developed self-confidence. The VBS should be an on-going programme so as to help children understand the Bible and the Word of God.”
Mrs. Privilege M., St Mary’s Anglican Church, Chitungwiza

Equipping Leaders, Ethiopia

“I have ministered for 35 years. Currently, I am a pastor of my church, which has 450 members. I have come across your Bible – the Amharic Study Bible. I have been using it by borrowing from our church library. I could not afford to buy one…but now I have come to own it freely through your ministry. That is a big opportunity for me. I hope that will highly impact my ministry. This is a great tool. God bless you!” Pastor D. Woldeyohannes, Hiwot Birhan Church

“I have been serving the Lord for 10 years. I had seen your Bible (the Amharic Study Bible) and was so eager to own one but I could not afford to buy…I used to borrow one for use in preparing my sermons. Now I am so happy to own one, freely! I thank the Lord, and promise to pray for your ministry. Please, keep on giving such training to other ministers of the Word of God.” Evangelist M. Ferede, Full-time minister, Dangla Church

Your gift will help reach more un-trained ill-equipped Church leaders so that they can go forth and preach the Good News.

Children for Christ, Senegal

“During the whole time we spent with the kids, we saw their undivided attention to listen to the Bible Stories as chronologically outlined in The Greatest Story Ever Told booklet. We received feedback that the children interpret these stories when they are at home with their family, which is an opportunity for the parents to hear the Good News. These are real evangelists”

David Bies – National Director Biblica, Senegal.
Would you help us reach more children evangelists in Senegal which is 95% Muslim?

Reach For Life, South Africa

Ntokozo is a 12 year old learner in grade 7 at a Primary School. The girl’s whole family is in a Shembe church. The Shembe movement is very big in KwaZulu Natal and deep into ancestral worship. After being part of a Reach4Life class Ntokozo has begun reading the Reach4Life book for herself. She has committed her life to Christ and has made a decision to abstain from sex until marriage. This girl’s challenge is that she is not allowed to go a Christian church, but she has a Reach4life book (the only Bible in her home). She says the lesson that changed her life and belief is “Who’s Jesus.” Ntokozo is on fire for the Lord and prays every morning in the classroom before the Reach4life peer-educator starts with the lesson.
Your donation will help others like Ntokozo come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.