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Community Bible Experience featuring The Books of the Bible

The church is facing a silent crisis of Bible engagement. People are hungry to hear God speak. But fewer of us are reading the Bible or engaging it deeply. Biblica is helping churches reignite their passion for the Bible, so they can read and live God’s Word together.If we can reverse the declining trend of Bible reading, it could ignite a spiritual renewal in churches around the globe.

We believe this starts by giving churches a better way to read. For too long, Bible reading has been a solo sport. For too long, it’s has been limited to a verse here or a chapter there.

Through our Community Bible Experience campaign, churches read the whole New Testament together in 40 days. (Follow-up campaigns take them through the rest of the Bible, if they want.)

CBE programs help churches bring people together to read, understand, and apply God’s Word.

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This is a program aimed at enhancing Bible readership, understanding, and engagement, by bringing people together to read, understand and apply God’s Word.

The campaign is about revolutionizing the way we engage the Bible. We believe that a Better Bible experience is possible if we change the way we read. Therefore the Books of the Bible represents a unique approach:

The Complete Bible – Chapter and verse numbers are removed, encouraging you to read complete books.

Understood in Context – The natural literary divisions of each book are clearly presented, helping you to absorb more of the context.

Experienced in Community - This is a guided journey through the New Testament. It’s all about reding and reacting to the Bible in community.

We need to read, interpret and live the Bible in community with all of God’s people.

Watch this short video clip to gain a better understanding of the program.

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