Celebrate Life Bash

In our increasingly “sexualised” society, more young people in Kenya are engaging in risky sexual behaviour than ever before and abstinence is hardly considered a virtue.

Youth aged 15-24 are the most vulnerable to HIV infections and it is clear that the future of HIV in Kenya will in large measure be determined by success in preventing new infections among the millions of young people in this high-risk age group.

The Celebrate Life Bash is a Christian youth party that is held every year on the Sunday closest to December 1st so that as the rest of the country celebrates World Aids Day, we gather to celebrate life. It brings together thousands of teens, high school students and ex-candidates to highlight the transformational effect of Reach 4 Life in the lives of those who have gone through the program and increase awareness about it.

As the young people sing and dance, they are challenged to make sound spiritual and sexual choices by pastors, various speakers and performing artistes. We distribute purity cards and lead them to make a purity pledge/prayer as they commit themselves to embrace & uphold a life of sexual purity. Each receives a Reach 4 Life Bible to empower them to live out their commitment and we also offer HIV/AIDS voluntary counselling and testing.


We are grateful to God for the impact the event continues to make year after year. Some of the comments received are as follows:

“Many heartfelt thanks for the supporters of this program. I made a change during the bash @ Nairobi Chapel. May God bless all of you who run it. ~ Steve

“The event was such a wow!!! I attended the gig yesterday and it was very awesome…just got some few reminders based on abstinence.” ~ Charlene

“The day was so fabulous. Pastor Gibbs hats off for you and the other guests. Club Expressions- thank you very much.”

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