Ministry focus


  • Translations: we completed the Kiyombe and the Lingala New Testaments in 2002
  • At present,  work is going on with the Lingala Old Testament, and we plan to publish and launch the Lingala Bible in 2013
  • Potentials: there are hundreds of local languages in the Democratic Republic of Congo without any portion of the Word ever produced in those languages. The field is large and we need to work harder in order to reach the objectives of the global vision of Biblica
  • We launched our New Testaments (Kiyombe and Lingala) in 2004

Children for Christ (C4C)

  • We achieved C4C activities in 2007 in the Commune of Maluku in Kinshasa
  • To also achieved special C4C to imprisoned children in 2009 at the Central Prison of Makala in Kinshasa

Bible & Church engagement
In the framework of the 2007 C4C activities, we also trained 20 Sunday school teachers

Specialized ministry
We developed and implemented a special prison ministry outreach project for young inmates in 2004 at the Youth Prison of Luzumu (a special prison for the youth located 110 Km from Kinshasa in the Bas Congo Province, but no longer operational nowadays)

Ministry partners

 We have strong ties with the following local ministries or organizations:

  • Scripture Union
  • Campus Crusade
  • Radio and Television Sango Malamu
  • World Vision
  • The Salvation Army
  • CEDI – the Protestant publishing organization
  • Bible Society of the DRC (UBS)
  • African Enterprises
  • The Protestant University in Congo
  • The Protestant Military Chaplaincy of the DRC
  • Tabernacle Sifa AIDS Ministry
  • Various local congregations