About us

BIBLICA Tanzania started in Tanzania in early 1980’s. By then it was known as Living Bible International (LBI). The work started with translation of Kiswahili Neno New Testament. It was released in 1984 and revised in 1990. This was done with a small translation committee without specific established office. At the same time the Living Bible version was being distributed in Tanzania by Scripture Mission on behalf of LBI. The New Testaments sold slowly because the market prefers full Bibles rather than Portions of Bible. However, it was good material for outreach. The National Coordinator was appointed in 1990 on part-time. Translation of Kiswahili Neno Biblia started around this time and was completed and launched in 2009. The National Coordinator was appointed on fulltime basis in 2003 when it became necessary in order to hasten the translation of the Kiswahili Bible. Side by side with translation there was outreach and literature distribution to finance both transaction and outreach.

The office initially concentrated on the translation of the Kiswahili Neno Biblia and outreach activities. The Neno Biblia was finally launched on and attention has since shifted in establishing the necessary infrastructure to build up a strong distribution network.

Country Overview

  • The United Republic of Tanzania Comprises Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar
  • Population (2007) was 38,139,640 with annual growth rate of 1.8%. Birthrate 37.3 / 1000 and Infant mortality rate was 94.5 / 1000. Literacy rate 1578% (2007). Life expectancy is 46.1 years.
  • Estimated GDP 48.94 billion (2007). Per capita income is US $ 1.300. Real growth rate of 7.3% and inflation rate of 7%
  • Religion – mainland Christian is 30% Islam 35% indigenous 35%, Zanzibar about 99% is Islam.


Distribution is the pillar of both Translation and Outreach. For a long time concentration had been on Translation and now it is time to strengthen Distribution by deepening distribution in the areas we are already operating and establishing distribution channels in other strategic areas. There is need to completely turn around and strengthen distribution in Tanzania. Some of the current stock is out of date and hence slow – moving or not moving at all.

There is no sufficient working capital to stock enough literature to warrant whole sale status in the area. The office is in debt with the East Africa Regional office mainly because the amount of money obtained from the sale of literature gotten was only enough to cover translation expenses and scantly cover office operational costs. There is a vicious circle that can only be broken by improving on the working capital and stocking books that are on high demand.


Transforming lives through God’s word

The work of Biblica will be complete when every person in the world is given the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ through God’s word and be transformed.

Biblica works to accomplish four missional objectives:

  1. Evangelism – we want to reach the lost with God’s Word in formats that capture their hearts and minds
  2. Education – We want to help educate church leaders worldwide in the effective use of Scripture to reach and change their communities
  3. Equipping – We equip the Body of Christ with the Scripture resources and biblical content to use in reaching out in their local context.
  4. Engagement – We develop resources that engage people in a deeper experience with God’s Word and therefore, the God of the Bible. Our goal is continually draw people into deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Biblica core values: We honor God and value His Word

  • We think and act globally
  • We value partnership
  • We esteem people
  • We foster a culture of excellence