Biblica works in 55 countries in six regions around the world, translating, publishing and engaging people in Scriptures, shining the light of God’s Word in a dark and needy world.  From the beginning of a Bible translation to the privilege of handing it to someone for their spiritual formation, think of the impact we can have for the Kingdom of God!

Biblica ministry focuses on:

Biblica conducts ministry directly and through partnerships with other ministries in 71 countries around the world.

Biblica uses local leadership in all of its areas to ensure our work is always culturally relevant and appropriate for each location.

Biblica has approximately 900 employees worldwide, including translators, ministry program personnel, fulfillment staff, and administrative staff. Out of these, about 100 staff are found in Africa.

Biblica’s annual operating budget includes income stemming from donations, Bible and Christian resource sales, and royalties for the NIV® from our publishing partners.

Biblica publishes high-quality Bibles, New Testaments, and other Scripture resources at extremely low ministry prices so that churches and other ministries have easy access to Scriptures to use in their outreach.