Many cultures still lack God’s Word in their own language. Others have outdated and inaccurate translations. Biblica translates God’s Word and biblical resources into vernacular languages and produces them in formats that people can engage with. 

Biblica translates the Bible into languages spoken by 1 million-plus speakers, has completed more than 100 languages, and is the translation sponsor and ministry publisher of the New International Version® (NIV®), the most widely read and trusted contemporary English translation.

We believe the first necessary step to effective distribution of God’s Word is the accurate translation of Scripture into the current idiom of any given language.

We must then make the Word available in markets where it can self-perpetuate through sales. This guarantees the presence of the Word within target audiences for generations to come. But we must do more than just publish text. Our publishing ministry packages and formats the Word of God in appealing, culturally appropriate ways.

Finally, we believe that every person has a need for God’s Word—and should have access to it. We therefore provide the Word to anyone in need wherever possible, so that people can encounter Jesus Christ through its pages.

In Kenya, Biblica is working on translating God’s Word and biblical resources into vernacular languages, and producing them in formats that people can engage with locally in the country. Through God’s grace, we have managed to undertake translation of the Bible into some of the main vernacular languages in the country accounting for a large percentage of the population.

Biblica Kenya has completed translation of the Kiswahili, Kikuyu and the Luo Bible. The Kiswahili Reference edition which was first published in 2009 is being revised for re-release in 2015. The Kikuyu Bible is now in circulation while the Luo Bible is in the typesetting stage. All our local Translations are done in NIV-like contemporary style.