Contemporary Kikuyu Translation

Approximately more than 7 million Kenyans speak Kikuyu and over the years, the language has evolved, hence the need for a contemporary translation, written in easy-to-read-and-understand Kikuyu.

After 20+ years of work Biblica is proud to present a translation which accurately reflects the meaning of the original Bible manuscripts; is clearly understandable and sounds natural to Kikuyu speakers.

The Kikuyu Bible ‘Kiugo Gîtheru kîa Ngai’ was published in November 2013 and launched on 5th April 2014.

The Kikuyu Audio Bible will be launched soon and it is our prayer that it will revolutionize Bible engagement among the non-literate Kikuyu speakers. The majority of people live in rural areas with an active agrarian lifestyle which makes it difficult to find time to read the Bible. The Kikuyu Audio Bible will bridge this gap by enabling the people to listen to the Word of God as they go about their business.

The Contemporary Kikuyu Bible launch