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 Kenya attained independence on 12th December 1963. On 12th December 2012, Kenya completed her 49th year as a nation, ushering in the 50th year. There is a great expectancy in the air for attainment of 50 years of self rule. Beyond just a celebration however, the jubilee is a very real experience which the nation can enjoy if the Body of Christ will steward the season effectively.

The meaning of Jubilee

The Jubilee is the foundation of the Feasts of the LORD when God commands all creation – men and nations to meet with Him, and rest as they worship Him. It is celebrated every 50 years and is a season for rest and renewal. During that time people returned to their possessions and to their families, and if someone had sold his land, they could recover it. Slaves were also set free.

The significant words used to describe various experiences a people or nation should go through in this season are therefore: Rest for people and land, Return to family and possession, Redemption for land, Release of slaves and from debt, and Liberty proclaimed throughout the land. These all indicate a great restoration to a state of blessedness and bliss. Jubilee is also a time of reflection on the past failures, repenting of them and turning to move in the right direction before dedicating ourselves to God for the next period of fifty years.

Purpose of Jubilee

Prevents oppression: It is evident that there has been oppression and injustice in the land. We need to look at ways of correcting this.

Gives everyone opportunity to start all over again: God’s principle of jubilee is a restarting, a new lease of life.

Shows God’s concern and interest in human liberty: One specific command was the release of all captives: the jubilee is a time of releasing any person in bondage – whether spiritual or natural.

Challenges the issues of permanent bondage and loss of economic opportunity: The fact that this was to be done every 50 years clearly destroys any permanent class system.

 Significance of the Jubilee season for Kenya

Kenya is ending an old season and entering a new season which she has never entered into before. The blessing of the jubilee and all virtues of that season are given by the LORD freely to all who will receive and steward them into their full potential. He uses that season to level the playing field for all in society. Where some had too much and others had too little, the LORD requires that there be a restoration of fortunes, waiving of debts, release from bondage, returning of people to their inheritance, favour of God and judgement, rest and rejoicing for all.

Prayer points for the nation of Kenya during the Jubilee season

Rejoicing: Praise God for the announcement that you were born. It signifies that indeed God released you to be a blessing to the nations. If your experience has been contrary, ask that this new season the LORD will cause you to see the virtues of the Jubilee manifest in your life, chief being rejoicing.

Pray that the Body of Christ will experience a season of rejoicing despite every trouble that they may be facing. Pray this for the nation too.

Repentance: Ask the LORD to forgive you where you have gone astray from Him. Ask that the spirit of repentance will be upon you heavily, concerning your life, family, the Body of Christ and nation. (Job 36:10-11, Isa 59:20-21, Eze 18:32)

Pray that the LORD will release a spirit of grace and supplication upon the Body of Christ with regard to the Great Commission, repenting and interceding for the lost in the nation.

Restitution: Pray that the LORD will bring back to your mind, any area where you need to do more than repent. Ask that He will show you where you need to restitute – returning that which you took without permission, no matter how small it may be.

Pray for the restitution of that which has been taken away from the nation – restitution by leaders who abused their position and have used national resources for their own good. Restitution of national resources by investors who have swindled the nation.

Pray for restitution of aid that has been given to the nation for a specific purpose but has been diverted for selfish individual purposes

Pray for restitution by Church leaders who have abused their position in the house of the LORD and taken that which is meant for the house of God especially aid that came to the Body of Christ for the destitute as well as offerings and tithes.

Ask that the LORD will cause restitution to be done to you where you were swindled or someone stole what belongs to you, even what you are not aware of (spiritually or physically). Pray that they shall return it back in full measure.

Redemption: Ask that the LORD will in this season give you the desire to see the redemption of those who do not know Him in your family, your place of work and nation.

Pray that you will have a burden for both prayer evangelism – praying for those who are lost in sin and for actual evangelism to reach lost souls where He allows you to be (Pro 11:30)

Pray for the Body of Christ to go back to the spirit of soul winning and evangelism. Many in the body of Christ have lost focus on the Great Commission and the whole purpose of Jesus Christ coming to earth – to redeem the lost and bring them back into destiny.

Return to inheritance: Ask the LORD that in this season, any portion of your inheritance that has been lost, He will begin to return it for yourself and your descendants (Psa 126). Also pray that the LORD will provide you with an inheritance which you will leave to your children.

Pray that the nation will receive back the inheritances that God gave it, which have been taken away or sold out for a pittance by selfish leaders.

Pray for inheritance within your family which has been lost or is locked up in courts or being battled over.

Pray concerning the squatters. It is not right for people to belong to a nation and still be squatters. Pray that the LORD will raise jubilee leaders starting in the Body of Christ and in every gate of society, who will sort out any matters concerning land issues so that there will be no squatters in the nation

Pray for the Body of Christ that they will return to their place of inheritance especially where they have derailed from the way of the LORD.

Kenya has a redemptive gift of being a “refuge city.” Thank the LORD for the opportunity to be a blessing to those who have sought refuge in our nation and were preserved. Thank the LORD that when they came to Kenya they were trained, equipped and learned to live and let live. Many have gone back to become a blessing to their nations and other territories using what they learned in Kenya.

Repent for areas where Kenyans have treated the alien, the stranger and the widows and orphans from other nations badly. There are times when we got weary of foreigners from the neighbouring warring nations. We misunderstood their trauma and its outworking and paid back evil for evil.

Ask the LORD to remember our nation for opening up our doors to those who have been distressed. That any act of mercy and kindness that was extended will be rewarded. Pray that truly the LORD, who is no man’s debtor, will repay with kindness present and future generations of Kenyans for the kind actions toward strangers.

Pray that the Body of Christ will be on the forefront in becoming a blessing to the refugees. Ask the LORD to equip us with the necessary training which we can extend to those in the camps to guide them in the way they should pray for their own nations, and be spiritual stewards while they are in Kenya until they return to their inheritance.

Pray that in this season of jubilee over there shall be a returning back of those who have been refugees in Kenya for many years; especially those from neighbouring nations which have already entered their own jubilee season.

Pray for the return of many Kenyans whose destiny is tied to this nation and who have been living outside the nation.

Release: Ask the LORD to release you from all manner of bondage that may be attending you. From the bondage of your spirit, to any bondage in the mind and intellect and physical bondage to sickness, bad habits, addictions and ungodly covenants. Pray this for your family, the Body of Christ and nation (Lev 25:10, Isa 61:1b)

Pray that the LORD will release the nation from every curse of aborting God’s purposes with regard to the new constitution; the agreements in the coalition government; abortion of His purposes concerning raising Jubilee leaders who will take Kenya to a new and higher level which they have never experienced before.

As the Body of Christ goes, so goes the nation. Every vice manifested in the nation is first developed in the Body. Every good thing in the nation is first birthed in the Body. Every unity or disunity, greed or generosity, lying spirit, or honest spirit is released first from the pulpits before it is manifest in the government or politicians. In this season pray that the body of Christ will take this burden of the jubilee first and live it before we can talk it to the government.

Pray for the pastors because even the presidents sit under a pastor. They listen to spiritual leaders. Pray for a raising up of jubilee pastors, of jubilee leaders in the Body who will steward the purposes of God for this nation.

Pray that the LORD will raise good steward leaders in the nation who will cause him to release the potential resources that are locked up because of any poor stewardship or selfishness in the leaders who have been in the nation.

Resurrection: Ask the LORD that in this new season, the areas of your life which have been dead, or considered no longer useful, yet are supposed to be functional, will begin to receive the jubilee resurrection. Pray for resurrection of divine connections; resurrection of your financial status; resurrection of your intellectual capability; resurrection of your spirit man; resurrection of talents and gifts that have lain dormant. Pray this for your family and the Body of Christ.

Pray for the resurrection of the education system and the science and technology area.

Pray for a resurrection in the area of family and marriages. There is a deliberate and determined fight against the foundation of the nation– the family unit, starting from marriages. Licentiousness is being preached over the airwaves encouraging loose sex, frequent partner changes, divorce and separation of the parent child relationship. Pray that God will in this season raise strong alternative media in the Kenyan scene to give people God’s perspective and solutions on all these areas concerning marriage, relationships and family care.

Rebuilding: Pray that in this season of jubilee, the LORD will cause you to rebuild any broken or wasted place of your life. Where there has been break down of health, wealth, relationships and communication with those He would have you connect with, may He rebuild in this new year of your life.

Pray for the rebuilding of old desolations in the nation. There are things that are old and wasted away e.g. industries that closed down long ago and have no hope of being rebuilt; institutions of learning which are on the downward trend; infrastructure which we cannot imagine ever being rebuilt e.g. access roads in the countryside and in residential areas; drainage systems; expanded water system; reforestation and rebuilding of national assets which have run down. God can revive the wasted desolations.

Pray for the revival of broken down waste places. There are areas which our government has given out for dumping of waste that is hazardous to the people. These areas cannot be rebuilt except for the LORD. Pray that the LORD will provide for wisdom and technology that will rebuild the waste places.

Pray that the LORD will give wisdom to rebuild the wasted desolations e.g. disused quarries in the nation and mines that are no longer functioning. God can give wisdom to rebuild those types of desolations.

Pray that the LORD will give wisdom on how to rebuild the broken down relationships that are a result of old feuds in the family, tribe, Body of Christ and nation.

Pray that you will not only rebuild your life but you will become a rebuilder of the desolations and waste places in other people’s lives, in your place of work, in the Body of Christ and in the nation. God will give you the skill and wisdom to become a rebuilder of the hedge. (Isa 58:12-14, Isa 61:4, Eze 22:30)

Restore: Pray for the restoration of dignity, restoration of health, restoration of your beauty and restoration of that which is aging with time. Pray that you will get better and better, healthier and healthier, stronger and stronger for all the years that the LORD is giving you. God will restore the lost and wasted years of your life. Pray this for your family, the Body of Christ and nation (Joel 2:25, Isa 61:3, Isa 60:13, 16)

There is a depletion of our snow-capped mountains, our forests, rivers, lakes, natural fauna and flora and the natural heritage of wild animals in our national parks and game reserves. God is able to restore all these things. Pray for restoration of our ozone layer and the snow on our mountains and restoration of the land that is becoming desert. Pray for the restoration of our climatic patterns to go back to the original. God has done this before in the western world and He can do it for Africa, for Kenya and for your region.

Pray that God will not only restore all creation in the nation, but He will cause the Body of Christ to gain more wisdom concerning how to multiply and replenish the earth, rather than depleting it as is the pattern now. Pray that God will raise sons in the Body of Christ who will teach the people on how to replenish in every area of creation and in every gate of society, so that we shall leave a replenished and better earth for our children and those who come after them.

Pray that the LORD will help the Body of Christ to be teachable in these areas of restoration and be willing to change quickly when God brings revelation.

Recovery: Pray that the LORD will cause you to recover that which has been plundered from you in every area of your life in the jubilee season. It will be a season to pursue, overtake the enemy and recover all that has been lost in the past season in your life, family and in the Body of Christ and nation (1 Sam 30:8, Gen 14:16)

Relationships: Ask the LORD to touch your relationships in this new season. Ask Him to help you start on a clean slate, at a better level of relating with others whom He allows around you. Ask for healing of broken relationships. Ask for strengthening of your existing relations in the family, work place, Body of Christ etc.

Pray for the relationships between our political leaders. There has been a stretching in that area, and the Body of Christ has not been a strong voice in bringing sanity to the situation. Pray that God will give wisdom to leaders in the Body of Christ to steward and disciple our political leaders in the area of relationships. It can only be done when we have the will to work on our own relationships within the Body of Christ.

Pray concerning the relationship between Kenya and Israel. Pray for an understanding of Israel’s position in the purposes of God in these times.

Judgment: Pray that as the jubilee blessings begin to be released in the nation, it shall be a day of vengeance for the LORD for those who have stubbornly refused to repent and continue to cause untold destruction in this nation. Whether it be the leaders or people with vested interests from other nations, God will release the evil doers into their season of judgment. It is not only the year of God’s favour, but the year of God’s vengeance.

 NB: Notes on Jubilee used with permission from God Bless Kenya Prayer Movement

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