Reach 4 Life (R4L)

Partnering with churches and ministries to conduct 40-session Reach 4 Life programs with high school students in Kenya. This straightforward instruction on HIV/AIDS and sexual purity, an evangelistic message, and ongoing help for positive life changes has been well received by youth, teachers, and parents.

Reach 4 Life is Biblica’s response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. It is tailored to empower youth from age 12-24 to make behavioural changes that enable them to successfully navigate the challenges of youth in today’s society. It addresses issues such as drug abuse, abortion, homosexuality etc. and advocates for sexual purity, encouraging a relationship with Jesus Christ as the moral foundation.

The tool used for the program is the Reach 4 Life Bible, a high-impact New Testament which advocates for a “Sexual Revolution” by encouraging the youth to abstain from sex until marriage as well as a “Spiritual Revolution” encouraging the young to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ to enable them sustain a commitment to abstinence. To date we have distributed 400,000 Reach 4 life New Testaments to secondary school students in Kenya and many lives have been transformed.

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