Wilkister’s Reach 4 Life Story

Wilkister is a 12-year-old from Western Kenya. An only child, she lives with her grandmother and has been attending a Child Development Centre project run by the local church. The CDC caters for children from needy families, who are not able to meet their basic needs, by sponsoring their education and meals. It is here that she encountered R4L. She had given her life to Christ at age 9, but confessed that she had little knowledge about what that entailed.

Here’s her inspiring testimony:

“I didn’t know how to be a Christian. I didn’t know much about God or about Christianity. I had a Bible but never used to read it.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t really interested. When I joined Reach 4 Life, I received my beautiful Reach 4 Life Bible and started looking forward to reading it every morning. I enjoy it very much. The Reach 4 Life Bible has many notes that inspire and help me to become a better person and dream of a better future for myself. I used to have a bad temper and if somebody did something bad to me, I would get very angry. I was always angry. But I thank God that I have learned how to understand and manage myself. Many people are amazed that I am not angry anymore. I have overcome it because God has changed my heart through Reach 4 Life.

I like telling my friends about Reach 4 Life because of what it did to me. I know that it will bring them onto the right path, just like it did for me.

She is now taking on life with the outlook of a champion, and would like to be a lecturer when she grows up.