Biblica Motor Maze 2014


Early morning bustle before flag off

It all went down at the St. George’s Primary School where the flag off took place. Registration began before 7am as the participants started arriving at the venue early enough.  

The event was graced by people from all walks of life: the young, the old and the young-at-heart. Everybody was excited and ready for the day’s activities as they eagerly awaited the official flag off. They were armed with Bibles and other materials they deemed resourceful to help them complete the challenge successfully.

For those who left their homes without breakfast, hot drinks and snacks were made available to help fight the morning chill and give energy to navigate the maze.

Meanwhile the branding and décor team were on their toes to ensure that all the vehicles were beautifully decorated. They also made sure that the teams had all they required in order to start the maze.

The MC then briefed the participants before they were flagged off and zoomed away.

They made it back to the finish line after travelling about 25 kilometers; passing through 3 checkpoints; completing several activities and collecting many clues.

Everyone had a story about the fun and challenges they experienced during the event. A number thought it was tough while others said it was quite stimulating and engaging. However, all of them agreed that it was an excellent activity for enhancing relationships in their teams/families.

The first-timers were wondering where they have been all this time while the regulars were already plotting for next year’s maze. At the closing ceremony, prizes were awarded to the teams that did exceptionally well.

The maze was won by car no. 24, a team consisting of two sisters who despite getting lost at one point, managed to find their way back and emerge tops. Good job ladies! It was a well-deserved victory and we will see you next year as you defend your title.

View some photos from the event here

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