About Us

Ethiopia has been considered to be Christian nation for centuries. However, the objective reality of Ethiopia indicates that the nation has been experiencing other religions prior & during Christianity as well. According to various historical records prior to Christianity, Ethiopians practiced Judaism and idol worships. Majority of Ethiopian evangelical believers (47.73%) are under 14 years old and the second largest age group is 15-35 (34.77%).

82.5% evangelical believers are under 35, which vividly points to the significance of the ministry of Children and the youth.

  • The growth of evangelicals in Ethiopia is the continuation of God’s work in Ethiopia through the Coptic Church (EOC).
  • The 19th century western missionaries initiative played a pivotal role in the beginning of the evangelical churches in Ethiopia.
  • The invaluable commitment of Ethiopians in advancing the gospel in the nation is remarkable.

IBS in Ethiopia

  • Established under IBS Africa Area Office
  • Official commencement of operation as IBS Northeast Africa Region: June 1992
  • Countries in the Region: Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia and Sudan
  • About one-fifth of the Continent’s total population lives in this region