About Us

• 1984: introduction of the ministry under the name of Living Bible Zaire by Dr. Kiantandu Mavumisa, with New Testament translation projects in: Kiyombe, Lingala, Swahili and Kikongo-fiote. At the time the ministry came to the country, Dr. Kiantandu was Regional Director of Living Bible Francophone Africa.
• March 1990, death of Dr. Kiantandu
• In April 1990, Reverend Ntontolo, one of the Lingala Project translators, was appointed ad interim National Director of Living Bible Zaire.
• In December 1990 Professor Diawaku Noé was appointed National Director of Living Bible Zaire. Unfortunately Professor Diawaku Noé died a few months later on June 2nd, 1991.
• In June 1991, right after the death of Professor Noé Diawaku, Mr. Charles Diawaku dia Nseyila was appointed National Director of the ministry.
• In April 1992, International Bible Society (IBS) and Living Bible International (LBI) merged to form one organization which kept the name of International Bible Society. As a result, former LBI Zaire became IBS Zaire, and the philosophy of work also changed, especially the translation policy. Formerly translation was done using the paraphrase approach, but at the advent of IBS the translation policy focused on faithfulness to the original texts (Hebrew or Greek). This led to the melting of existing translation projects into the new approach. As a result only three projects were kept (Kiyombe, Lingala and Kikongo Fiote).
• In 2005 we had to stop with the Kikongo NT project –still in process, at preliminary level – because another ministry was advanced in producing a whole Bible in Kikongo Fiote that year.
• Introduction of the Semeur Bible 2000 revised version in November 2001
• Publishing of New Testaments (Kiyombe and Lingala) in 2002
• Arrival of the consignment of Kiyombe and Lingala New Testaments at the Port of Boma in November 2003.
• January 31, 2004 : launch of the Kiyombe NT in Boma, Bas Congo Province
• May 20, 2004 : reception of the consignment of the Lingala NTs at office in Kinshasa
• In November 2004 : Launch of the Lingala NT in Kinshasa
• In 2007 International Bible Society (IBS) and Send the Light (STL) merged to multiply evangelism and efforts, and in August 2009 we formed Biblica.


Some photographs of Biblica DRC

The first premises of Biblica DRC from 1984 to 2002

(le premier bâtiment ayant servi de bureaux de Biblica de 1984 à 2002) French


Dr. Kiantandu Mavumisa, the first Director of Biblica DRC (formerly Living Bible Zaire), from April 1984 to  March 1990

Dr. Kiantandu Mavumisa, premier Directeur de Biblica RDC (à l’époque Living Bible Zaïre) d’Avril 1984 à Mars 1990 (frech)


Professor Noé Diawaku, the third Director of Biblica DRC, from December 1990 to June 1991

Professeur Noé Diawaku, troisième Directeur de Biblica RDC de décembre 1990 à Juin 1991 (French)


Mr. Charles Diawaku, Biblica DRC Director from June 1991 to this day

Mr. Charles Diawaku, Directeur de Biblica RDC de Juin 1991 à ce jour


Delivery of Lingala NTs on May 20th, 2004 at the office in Kinshasa

Livraison des Nouveaux Testaments Lingala au bureau à Kinshasa le 20 Mai 2004 (French)


Dr. Eben Boafo, discussing with the Lingala Translation team last April 2011 in Kinshasa.

Dr. Eben Boafo, discutant avec  des traducteurs de l’équipe Lingala en Avril dernier à Kinshasa (French)