Reach For Life, South Africa

Ntokozo is a 12 year old learner in grade 7 at a Primary School. The girl’s whole family is in a Shembe church. The Shembe movement is very big in KwaZulu Natal and deep into ancestral worship. After being part of a Reach4Life class Ntokozo has begun reading the Reach4Life book for herself. She has committed her life to Christ and has made a decision to abstain from sex until marriage. This girl’s challenge is that she is not allowed to go a Christian church, but she has a Reach4life book (the only Bible in her home). She says the lesson that changed her life and belief is “Who’s Jesus.” Ntokozo is on fire for the Lord and prays every morning in the classroom before the Reach4life peer-educator starts with the lesson.
Your donation will help others like Ntokozo come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.