About Biblica Worldwide




MISSION: Transforming lives through God’s Word

VISION: The work of Biblica will be complete when every person in the world is given the opportunity to encounter Jesus Christ through God’s Word and be transformed.

Biblica makes the transforming message of God’s Word accessible for people in any life circumstance. We conduct ministry through three core strategies: Translation, Bible Engagement and Bible Access.

Biblica translates the Bible into languages spoken by 1 million-plus speakers, has completed more than 100 languages, and is the translation sponsor and ministry publisher of the New International Version® (NIV®), the most widely read and trusted contemporary English translation.

Bible Engagement
Biblica offers programs and resources to churches and ministries to engage people more deeply in Scripture for life application and transformation.

Bible Access
Providing access to God’s work in print, digital, and audio formats is one of Biblica’s priorities. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to engage with an-easy-to understand translation of scripture-in a format that allows them to draw closer to God.

Ministry Focus
Understanding that people’s needs are so diverse, our programs are adapted to age, culture, location, and religious background. Biblica programs and resources focus on five areas of ministry: Translation, Children and Youth Ministry, Specialized Ministry Outreach, Bible and Church Engagement, and Scripture Outreach.

Biblica translates God’s Word and biblical resources into vernacular languages, producing them in formats that people can engage with.

Children and Youth Ministry
Reaching young people with God’s Word at a point when they are most open to the gospel.

  • Reach 4 Life—Scripture-based HIV prevention program for children.
  • Children for Christ—A multi-day church-based program and resources for children in areas hostile to the gospel.
  • Children at Risk—Biblical resources for churches and ministries working with street children.

Specialized Ministry Outreach
Reaching people with specific needs with God’s Word in formats that relate to their individual situation.

  • Crisis and Disaster Outreach—Ministries such as Salvation Army and Billy Graham Rapid Response Team use our specialized resources like When Your Whole World Changes to bring hope and comfort to people affected by sudden, devastating losses.
  • Prison Outreach—Through ministry partners, inmates worldwide receive biblical resources that direct them to spiritual freedom in Christ.
  • Military Outreach—Biblica partners with U.S. military chaplains to give customized Bibles and New Testaments to troops deployed to war-torn regions, providing them with spiritual strength, encouragement, and hope.
  • Journey of Recovery—Eastern Europeans struggling with drug addiction receive support and spiritual encouragement through Biblica’s Journey of Recovery New Testament and program.

Bible and Church Engagement
Reinforcing the importance and centrality of Scripture within the life of the Church.

  • Equipping Church Leaders—Church leaders in developing nations often lack pastoral training and resources and serve in areas riddled with crime, poverty, and false religions. Our regional staff conduct seminars and provide study Bibles and other materials to equip church leaders and pastors to lead their congregations in the truth of God’s Word.
  • Community Bible Experience—In order to enhance Bible readership, understanding, and engagement, Community Bible Experience programs help churches worldwide bring people together to read, understand, and apply God’s Word.

Scripture Outreach
Providing Bibles and biblical resources to partners, churches, and anyone who needs access to God’s Word.

  • God’s Word for Unreached People—From remote tribal groups in the Amazon to people in gospel-resistant regions, Biblica provides resources so everyone can know God’s redeeming love.
  • Non-print Media—Biblica reaches people who communicate and learn best through the Internet (Biblica.com), audio and video Scriptures, downloadable resources, and other technologies.
  • Partnerships—Partnerships include Campus Crusade for Christ, Compassion International, Operation Mobilization, local churches, Prison Fellowship, Voice of the Martyrs, World Relief, and World Vision.
  • Supporting the Church through Biblical Resources—Biblica publishes high-quality Bibles, New Testaments, and other biblical resources at extremely low ministry prices for churches and other ministries.

Biblica serves in 55 countries across six regions. Using local leadership ensures that our ministry is relevant to cultural and linguistic needs.

Through its worldwide reach, Biblica engages people with God’s Word to meet their spiritual need. From immigrants streaming through the gates of Ellis Island to refugees in Sudan and orphans in Romania—from Hindi speakers in India to Swahili speakers in Africa to Quichua Indians in the Andes of Latin America, Biblica is there, presenting God’s Word. Since 1809 we’ve been engaging people in the Scripture so that their lives are transformed through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Engaging people in God’s Word defined our past and shapes our future. We build on our legacy of 200 years of ministry in this our third century of partnering with local churches and ministries to transform lives through God’s Word.

The work is far from finished in a world dominated by deep spiritual darkness. We seize every opportunity to impact lives in every corner of the world by translating, publishing, and engaging people with God’s Word.

It is with God’s grace, the partnership of churches, ministries, and individuals, and keeping focused, that we will fulfill this vision. Biblica’s ministry impact of sharing Jesus Christ with the world through His Word expands because of faithful prayer, and financial support of friends like you.